LAHORE The Lahore Electric Supply Company is all set to recover its huge outstanding dues of more than Rs 23 billion from the government and private sectors before the proposed dissolution of the Pakistan Electric Power Company, TheNation has learnt. As part of power sector reforms, the Pepco will dissolve on June 30 while the Lesco has geared up its recovery campaign before the Pepcos dissolution so that the company can run its operations and complete development projects with sufficient funds in hand, the official told this scribe. Customer service director Khalid Mehmood said that the company had fixed June 9, 16 and 23 as full-fledge campaign against defaulters. On those dates, all the concerned XENs and SDOs including their staffs would only focus on recovery, he added. He informed that various government departments had to pay Rs 7.25 billion to the Lesco. He informed that another huge amount of Rs 2.9 billion was also owed to the federal and provincial governments under special subsidy given to the farmers on agriculture tubewells. He further said the private sector owed Rs 16.4 billion but the recovery from the private sector was 99.6 percent. However, he disclosed, the government sector only paid average 56 percent of the monthly billing. From per month average billing of Rs 11.2 billion, the Lesco recovered Rs 10.8 billion. The company received average Rs 10.36 billion from private sector on every month from the bills of Rs 10.4b to this sector, he said. He said that the recovery campaign was continuing from last month and they disconnected power connections of various defaulters including C&WD, Irrigation Department, Transport House and others. The official said the electricity connections to some of them were restored after getting payment assurance from them within a week. He stressed the disconnected power connections would not be restored after June and the bill distributors would be advised to ensure that the defaulters were not getting electricity from alternative sources, he added. Uptil now, the response from the defaulters were satisfactory and they were paying their outstanding dues but some of them were given a week time for the payment of their dues. From the major amounts, Punjab Constabulary had paid Rs 2.7 million, he said.