ISLAMABAD - PTCL Carrier Services & Wholesale (CS&W) Wing has announced for its carrier and wholesale customers the most flexible Volumetric IP Bandwidth service. According to a press release issued here on Friday, this service offers flexibility to carriers to manage and control their service requirement and billing with prioritised IP bandwidth provisioning. IP Bandwidth available on Ethernet interfaces, flexibility to control the IP bandwidth utilization by the customer, improved quality of service carrier, transparency with 24x7 on-line access of usage data for carrier customers are some of the features of this service. EVP Jamshed Masood, Wholesale & Carrier Serivce PTCL stated, Understanding the pressing needs of technology oriented era, PTCL has introduced a number of initiatives that are beneficial to our carrier services and wholesale partnerships. We are pleased to introduce this service and PTCL, being a leader in the industry is committed to offer innovative business opportunities for groOur Staff To be so accredited is now a mark of prestige, a mark that signifies that a company cares so much about its environment and the community in which it operates, that it has taken every step to assure their well being. wth and success of the industry in general and its partners specifically.