ISLAMABAD - Birbal Wadhera, the Indian coach hired by Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) to train Pakistan players including top lads like Pakistan No 2 Jalil Khan, Yasir Khan, M Abid, Usman Rafique, Sarah Mansoor, Mehak Khokhar and Sarah Mehboob, is to leave for his country within few days. Talking to TheNation in an exclusive interview, Birbal Wadhera discussed the strength and shortcomings of the month-long camp, which started on May 5 and will be finished on June 5. Commenting on the fitness of the top-ranked players, Birbal said: "Fitness is not more than average, but they have to improve it through proper training and regular exercises." He observed that there was natural talent in Pakistan, but the only thing it lacked was proper coaching and the main thing which really needed to be done was to educate coaches so that they could know the basic techniques. Birbal said Pakistan had people like Mehboob Khan, Musaf Zia, Rashid Malik, Fazle Subhan, M Khalid and Kamran Khalil however it needed more coaches, as "we have to promote tennis not only in Pakistan but all over the world." It is quite unfortunate that despite possessing world-class talent, Pakistan is far behind in the world of tennis, he observed. He said Asiamul Haq was the only Pakistani who played in all the major tournaments including the grand slams, but the age was fast catching him. He said the PTF needed to work on war footings to have a backup otherwise the day was not far when there would not be a single Pakistan player representing the country at these events. Birbal praised the PTF for arranging training camp but he suggested the federation to divide players into different age-wise categories so that they could adapt to the conditions. He said it would also help the coach coordinate accordingly. Birbal has thanked all the supporting staff including Inamul Haq and Asim Shafique who assisted him during the training camp, in his message to whole world Birbal said: "Pakistan is completely safe for all sports and there is no threat what so ever for any international team or player who want to visit Pakistan can come and see themselves how loving and caring are all Pakistanis." He further said Pakistan government is as concerned as their own governments for the security of international teams and players. Birbal also thanked the Pakistan media for giving him support acknowledging his work. "It was the media that gave full coverage and thus helped this camp reach every house and street," he said. He said he liked Pakistani foods calling them to be one of the best foods in the world. He said whenever the PTF or any other entity wanted him to come back, "I will love to return and continue from where I have left." Birbal has appealed to the Ministry of Sports, especially the Sports Minister, to come forward and help the PTF promote tennis and find talent from grass root level. He thanked his wife and family for their support, which he said made his Pakistan visit possible. He said without their support he would not be able to concentrate on his duties. Birbal's camp will conclude on Sunday. He will go to Lahore on Monday and from there he will leave for his country.