ISLAMABAD - The government has allocated Rs 482.64 million for the staff household and allowances of the president according to the budgetary documents. The outgoing year allocation for the staff household and allowances of the president was Rs 462.8million. A major portion of the allocation will be used to cover Rs 260 million for employees-related expenses, Rs 95.641 million for their salaries, Rs36.69 million pay of officers, Rs58.95 million for pay of other staff, Rs 164.62 million for allowances, Rs 154.87 million regular allowances , Rs 9.75 million for other allowances excluding TA, Rs 95.90 million operating expenses, Rs1.6 million for employees retirement benefits, Rs 79.51 million for grants subsidies and write-off loans, Rs21.200 million for transfer, Rs12.23 million for physical assets and Rs 11.93 million for repair and maintenance for the upcoming fiscal year 2011-12. Meanwhile, the government has allocated Rs 5 million for fire prevention, anti-shatter proofing of all glass windows under Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the Prime Ministers House for financial year 2011-12. According to the budgetary documents, Rs 3 million was allocated for fire prevention and fire fighting arrangements and Rs 2 million for anti-shatter proofing of all glass windows, doors and ventilators at the Prime Ministers House.