NANKANA SAHIB Police have failed to arrest an alleged proclaimed offender who extorted Rs20,000 from shopkeeper Haji Anwar. Intezar alias Antu got the money from the shopkeeper of Barah Garh through his accomplice Muhammad Saeed creating panic among the people of the district. The accused has been enlisted as 'wanted in the district for being a mercenary, extortionist and kidnapper for ransom. The accused is also notorious for these anti-social activities in Mandi Faizabad and Sayyedwala as well. He extorted money from the notables by threatening them dire consequences and they had to give him the money to save their lives. According to the inhabitants, the arrest of such criminals was a challenge for the district police in order to provide them with security. Likewise, businessmen, lawyers and civil society activists demanded that Nankana DPO Dr Haider Ashraf should take serious action against criminals to provide security to the people. They also condemned the murder of journalist Saleem Shahzad. Condemnation resolution was passed during the urgent meeting held in the District Press Club.