KARACHI-The nationalist leaders of Sindh have rejected the Federal budget for the next fiscal year of 2011-12 and said it was anti-people and full of anomalies. They said that people of Sindh have no positive expectations from the present government as corruption and inflation are rampant during the three-year rule of PPP government. Dr Qadir Magsi chief of Sindh Tarqi Passand Party while talking to The Nation said that people have no big hopes from the present government, so no step in favour of common people was witnessed in the Federal budget for next financial year. 'We nationalists of Sindh reject the Federal budget as it was full of anomalies, he added. No clear plan has been announced by the government that how it will end the miseries of the people ranging from food inflation, petroleum prices to gas and electricity hike, he added. Qadir Magsi said that he did not hear the budget speech, but in his comments he demanded that govt should reduce the General Sales Tax to the tune of 5 per cent because it was badly affecting the lives of common people in terms of food inflation. He said that financial corruption was on rampant as over Rs 600 billion were illegally embezzled. He advised the govt to enforce punishment of life imprisonment for corrupt people while capital punishment must be awarded for those who are involved in corruption beyond Rs 1 crore. Shah Muhammad Shah, chief of Sindh Save Movement who also did not hear the budget speech told The Nation that no positive step was announced in the Federal budget. He said that agriculture is the backbone of country but this important sector has been neglected in the Federal budget. Abdul Wahid Araisar, chief of his own faction of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mohaz termed the budget as anti-people as no incentive was announced for the common people. Muhammad Khan Bhurgari, senior Vice President of Awami Tehreek rejected the budget. He demanded that defence budget must be reduced 5 per cent annually.