ISLAMABAD - The government in the budget 2011-12 has decreased the subsidy amount to more than 50 per cent and has allocated Rs 166 billion under the head as against Rs 395 billion in the previous year. It has shown significant decrease in subsidy to power sector as allocated amount is Rs 122 billion in the current budget against Rs 295 billion in budget presented last year. It is also pertinent to mention here that this act of the government would cause more increase in the power tariff and already burdened masses are going to face the worst scenario. The government has also decreased subsidy for Karachi Electric Supply Corporation and has allocated Rs 24.5 billion mainly under the tariff differential head to given to KESC. It is also pertinent to mention here that KESC has failed to overcome line losses and its tariff is also higher than prevailing in other parts of the country. The government has also decreased subsidy for the Trading Corporation of Pakistan and has allocated Rs 4 billion for the fiscal year 2011-12 against Rs 17 billion given during the fiscal year 2010-11. It has not allocated a single rupee subsidy under the head of sale of sugar. Ramazan Package subsidy has also been cut down to 50 per cent as Rs 4.2 billion were given in 2010-11 and for the fiscal year 2011-12 only Rs 2 billion has been allocated under this head. No subsidy has been given to R & D Support to Textile Sector, manufacturers of Phosphatic Pottasic Fertilizer, Import of Phosphatic Pottasic Fertilizer and for the Import or Urea Fertilizer in the budget for fiscal year 2011-12 against an amount of Rs 16.5 billion provided during 2010-11 under these heads. The subsidy that was used to given to provide cheaper food to masses has also been lifted in the budget as there is no subsidy announced under the head of sale of wheat, paddy operation and only Rs 74 million has been allocated to PASSCO as against Rs 2.9 billion in 2010-11.