NEW YORK - The governor of US state of New Jersey, Chris Christie, said Thursday he has reimbursed the state for the cost of using a state police helicopter to travel with his wife to his son's high school baseball game. The Republican has come under fire from opposition lawmakers and the public since he touched down Tuesday near the ball field in Montvale, about 80 miles from Trenton, the capital of New Jersey, according to media reports. After initially refusing to reimburse the state, Christie has repaid $2,151 to cover the cost of his flights to the game, Christie said in a news conference. "What I know about this business is, perception matters," Christie said. "I'm not going to allow the media and the hacks of the Democratic power to ... get away from the matter because they want to have a circus." Christie claimed he was using the helicopter to balance his responsibilities as a father with his busy schedule as governor. Christie said he has been far more "judicious" in his helicopter use than other recent governors, citing Governors Jim McGreevey, Thomas Kean and James Florio. "If you look at the way I use this helicopter, it's not like I'm using it as a perk of office," he said. When asked, the governor reiterated that he will not be running for president in the coming election but has refused to "rule out" 2016.