It is but strange and somewhat weirdly funny that Indian Army Chief General V. K. Singh while making a speech at the conclusion of military exercises warned that in order to cope with external threat of any kind, the army is ready to conduct a US-style unilateral operation on enemys territory. There can be no doubt in anyones mind who is it the Army Chief was referring to. Although sabre-rattling from New Delhi is not something new, what is noteworthy this time around is that it is under the false impression it they can deal with Pakistan in the manner the US did. This also shows the arrogance of Indian military, which must be daydreaming that India is a big power that can conduct a raid on a neighbour with impunity. Besides, the charge that militants involved in the Mumbai carnage are hiding in Pakistan has been rebutted by the latest development that three of the main accused named in the list of Indias most wanted terrorists were found living in India. One wonders what it is that India is making a song and dance about. It should be clear to the world that it is New Delhis aggressive designs that pose a serious danger to the peace of South Asia. And given the threatening tone of General Singh it is also obvious India is least interested in resolving the core issue of Kashmir. Compared to these loudmouths from across the border, Pakistans stance has been responsible and our Army tends to refrain from making such brazen threats. It is, therefore, quite obvious that one aim of the warning is to provoke our army into losing its cool and making a rash response. However, New Delhi must remember that it would have to face dire consequences in case it attempted any military adventurism against our territory. It should know that our armed forces are among the best trained in the world and equipped with nuclear power. They stand fully alert to meet any challenge.