ISLAMABAD - Though Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) tries to improve women hockey in the country, as it sends women hockey team for international events after every two years spending millions, yet it is strange to witness sharp difference in the calendar of both the men and women hockey. Men play eight to nine national tournaments annually, including junior and senior leagues, coaching and umpiring courses, in addition to almost four to five foreign tours regularly, whereas women players only play four tournaments at national and a single tournament abroad. This year only one national women championship has been organised so far. If one closely looks at women team performance so far, hundreds of goals have been scored against them. Pakistan women team have lost almost all their matches with big margins and the biggest of them all is 38-0. How can one produce world class players without holding regular events for women? After spending millions on women hockey at international level, the margin of defeats is very high. This is not only embarrassing for women players but also tantamount to wasting national wealth. The PHF must improve women hockey structure in the country. It has to open academies for women, where coaches having good reputation should be appointed. It above all should promote hockey at grass root level, which is only possible through visiting various schools and get girls from there. If the PHF really wants to bring women hockey to near the men's level, it will have to work day and night on war footing. The story of some the past results of women hockey team during their tours abroad reveal that their first visit was to China in 1996 where they lost the series against playing local club sides. In 2003, women team went to Singapore for AHF Cup and badly lost against all the opponents by a heavy margin of 9-0, 5-0, 4-0 and draw a match 2-2. Then the team went to Malaysia for Asian Cup qualifying matches the margin of defeat over their was not much different as they once again lost heavily to all teams, 9-0, 8-0, 11-0 and 6-0. Then, Pakistan women Under-21 team went to Malaysia for Asian Under-21 Cup and instead of gaining some respect they once again lost with much heavy margin of 21-0, 13-0, 7-0, however won a match 2-1. Pakistan Under-18 women team went to China to play in the Junior Asia Cup and the defeats continued to follow juniors just like seniors the scoreline reads 19-0, 11-0, 9-0 and 3-0. The camp started after Junior national championship and the players selected from this camp will visit Thailand from June 4 to 12, the girls have to perform out of their skins to stop repeating the same feat of the past. The Women Wing has to adopt a clear policy. They rather than wasting huge money on fruitless foreign tours, must focus on preparing players before sending them. This will not only safe huge national wealth but also help produce capable players. Mohsin Ali