PTIPakistan is facing worst energy crisis and must take some drastic steps to resolve this issue. It has become a national habit to blame the previous government but this time the nation is a witness that the PPP government kept fiddling while the ‘Rome burnt.’ Pakistan has vast untapped and unutilised water resources and they could have built dams to utilise the water in the country. The Kalabagh dam (KBD) was one of the most vital projects which has been on the backburner for two decades due to politicising by  different provinces. We are our worst enemies?One of the major hurdles has been the objections and opposition from KPK province, with ANP known for its criticism on the building of Kalabagh Dam and same fact is reflected even in its various election manifestos. In fact, ANP’s politics in KPK is primarily based on this very agenda. This is the reason; we witnessed the project of KBD being shelved by the last coalition government of PPP. It’s a general perception that the objections raised by the smaller provinces on the building of KBD are somehow political rather than the practical. Now, the people of KPK have given a mandate to PTI and Imran Khan in the hope of getting the ‘Naya Pakistan’. In fact, the idea of building a new Pakistan cannot materialise without a strong, vibrant and self-sufficient economy. KBD is generally termed as the lifeline for the economy of this energy deficient country. Among other things, KBD issue will also be a challenge for the government of PTI in KPK. Therefore, let’s see, whether or not, PTI would come out of this challenge with flying colors by rising above the provincial politics and parochial interests. MOHSIN RAZA MALIK, Lahore, June