Amidst the strategic reshaping of the map of the Middle East, sinisterly similar to the summer of 1914, the ceremonial visit of the New Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang, to Pakistan is no less than a breath of fresh air for the troubled country. The two day visit marked a number of bilateral and strategic partnership agreements, penned by the leaderships of the two countries. While china has never downplayed the support offered by Pakistan in introducing it to the world, in the initial days of modern Chinese history, it is high time Pakistan reciprocated by providing China an unrestrained access to the Gwadar port in Balochistan. Already choked by external and internal threats, Pakistan also needs to heed the prudent advice given by its Chinese counterpart, to work hard towards self-reliance and focus on addressing the major political and economic issues facing the country today. History is a witness to the fact that China had advised the ex-dictator General Yahya Khan against conducting military operations inside Pakistan’s own territory. Moreover on the eve of the creation of Bangladesh, China had advised Pakistan to ‘erect an Iron Curtain around itself’, focus on economic development to become a world economic powerhouse and avoid becoming party to any international military conflict and adventurism, in order to ensure a foreign policy free from international meddling. Unfortunately, we turned a deaf ear to all these advices and are now fighting for our survival as a sovereign nation. MUHAMMAD RAZA UL HAQ, Lahore, June 1.