Banks should make sure that long advertisements must not be played in ATM booths.  Withdrawal of money should be a quick procedure, keeping in view the security of the person withdrawing cash. ATM booths are not supposed to be the places to stay in for more than the cash withdrawal time period, which should be minimum. Also banks should ensure regular maintenance of the machines installed so that they don’t hang up giving robbers and miscreants ample time to close in on the account holder. Some of the machines have faulty keys resulting into double pressing. The card is sometimes captured if the machine gets hung and the keys do not function properly. State Bank should take an immediate notice of this matter and issue necessary directives to all banks. There is also another side to the ATM machines and in fact the banks, which gives us an insight into the mentality of our bankers’ class and how they fool the public. The ink of the print on the transaction slips of almost all banks is so weak that it gets erased only after a few days they are issued. The banks know fully well that in case of court proceedings or in case of a fraud, the account holder would need these slips, so these are deliberately kept this way. The idea is that there will be no record and hence no accountability. The banks need to use good ink on the transaction slips for allowing the users to be able to keep record of their money. NEHAL ALVI, Karachi, June 1.