Yet another bunch of simpletons have been double-crossed by a fake visa agent; the people 25 of them, were arrested from the departure lounge at Karachi airport while going to Saudi Arabia on fake visa. Reportedly, the agent had received a hefty sum from each man for the ‘Umra package.’The harrowing depths to which this business is thriving should be quite apparent. This might be the other, though less dreadful side of human trafficking, in substance it is one and the same thing. If this time around the faithful have been fooled, there are numerous reports of how generally the ordinary people are ensnared. Crooks in the garb of travel agents knows very well how desperate any man can be in these unbearable circumstances of rampant poverty, power outages and general despondency marking all spheres of society. Almost anyone here is willing to stake his life savings if given the promise of greener pastures; often millions are paid for one such trip. The other side of the story is unveiled when these unfortunate victims themselves become tragic news, for instance dying from suffocation in dingy containers, or somewhere in ship’s cargo or worse still ending up in the Davy Jones Lockers after the capsizing of a boat, the most frequent of accidents reported in press. That is when their families come to know of the sorry fate of their loved ones in the newspaper and while they are still reeling with the shock, the agents who had pocketed the money have already vanished into thin air. A reason why this racket is thriving is because as usual a part of our authorities entrusted to keep a check on this activity either gawk or get a cut.For how long will this latter-day slave trade prevail and how many lives and households will be destroyed no one knows. Why are we bent upon proving to the world that we are amongst the toppers when it comes to human trafficking and illegal travelling. This business in many different forms in which it keeps growing will not come to an end unless it is quashed once and for all.