The appointment of Ajit Doval as India’s fifth National Security Adviser (NSA) should be an eye opener for our leaders who appoint their cronies or relatives on such sensitive places, irrespective of their professionalism. Ajit Doval headed the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF), a think tank close to the BJP. Mr Doval, 69 is a man with intelligence and covert operations background. He retired as Director Intelligence Bureau in January 2005.

In the late 1980s, when aggressiveness was at its peak in Indian Punjab, Mr Doval marched into the Golden Temple in Amritsar, posing as a Pakistani agent, and obtained intelligence about the revolutionaries. He has operated in Pakistan, which is considered a high-risk, high-reward assignment in an intelligence officer’s career. He received India’s second highest gallantry award, the Kirti Chakra, for his daring exploit in the Golden Temple Operation.

His appointment, when Pakistani leadership is singing songs of peace and trade with neighbours, should be a glaring warning. Recently Afghanistan denounced Pakistan and refused to hold security talks in Islamabad. Afghanistan has a strong pro-India attitude which is failure of our foreign office. Security Council has shown serious concern over the Afghan propaganda. I would like to request our PM to wake up, and set aside all trivial issues and prove his metal at international level before it’s too late. The PML-N is happy that Punjab is safe from terrorism. Farsightedness demands that we all must act fast and act prudently to save Pakistan from the enemy that surrounds it.


Islamabad, June 2.