Why is all honour associated with females? The distressing killing of Farzana in Lahore by her family should make us all think and change something in our society or law, which can prevent such acts. The custodian of Justice, our Chief Justice finally decided to look into it as a serious crime against women after two days. Apparently the killing was done in the name of honour, as if honour thrives on criminal acts. The entire concept of honour killing is detestable, and one may ask how there can ever be any honour in killing someone?

Taking a life is the most despicable act under any religion or moral code. In this particular incident, a pregnant young woman was callously murdered by being stoned to death, something that could only happen when a society has reached moral stagnation. Oppression and injustice always thrive in such societies. If you want to gauge the responsibility of any state, the best way to do so is to look at its treatment of weaker segments such as women, minorities or the economically marginalized. The state of Pakistan has failed to protect its weak and is now in the hands of anarchists and self-proclaimed custodians of faith and morality. The severity of the crime demands stern administrative strategy to counter this act or we will keep seeing a repetition of injustices like this one.


Australia, June 1.