I recently came across an irresponsible officer who does not follow any office decorum nor has any etiquette. It is very important for anyone in a position of power or authority to also have good manners and etiquettes to deal with the visitors in a professional manner. This is not only a cultural norm but a norm in any civilized society. Any official, who has disagreements that turn into verbal abuse and fights, should stop working or work hard to improve their behavior.

Though most of us have had experience of misbehaved and rude government officials, some are just beyond common comprehension. The ill-tempered District Education Officer Female, (E & Se) Education Chitral is a case in point. She suffers from high blood pressure and loses her temper while talking to colleagues and visitors several times a day. Such behavior is againstetiquettes and office decorum. I would like to request that she be given rest or leave so that she can get proper medical help and a responsible person should instead be appointed to deal with the public.


Chitral, May 24.