ISLAMABAD - The federal government has allocated Rs 2,352 million for the law, justice and human rights division in the new fiscal year 2014-15 for two ongoing and nine new schemes.

According to the Public Sector Development Programme, the federal government has allocated a total of Rs 1061 million for the two ongoing schemes that included Rs 1,000 million for federal programme under Access to Justice Programme and Rs 61 million for furnishing of Supreme Court building.

The documents said Rs 1,290 million are allocated for the nine new schemes including Rs 65 million for acquisition of land for extension of Islamabad High Court; Rs 53 million for construction of bachelor accommodation for court staff of Supreme Court of Pakistan and Registry branch building, Lahore; Rs 722 million for construction of Islamabad High Court, Islamabad; Rs 272 million for construction of residences of the judges, registrar, officers/officials and residences of the Islamabad High Court; Rs 108 million for the construction of sessions court division, east of Islamabad High Court, Islamabad (acquisition of land); Rs 10 million for construction of working women hostels in sector G-6/2 and G-7/3, Islamabad (Phase-II); Rs 10 million are allocated for establishment of helpline for legal advice on high rights, Islamabad; Rs 41 million are allocated for up-gradation of courtyard at Supreme Court of Pakistan; and Rs 5 million for installation of wooden furniture and racks for old library at Registry Branch of Supreme Court of Pakistan.