LAHORE: The Awami Workers Party welcomes the announcement of re-polling in PK-95 of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by the Election Commission of Pakistan after the women were banned from exercising their votes during the May 30 local bodies election.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Party president Abid Hassan Manto said that out of 127,096 registered voters in the PK-95 constituency of Lower Dir, 53,000 are women. The party sees the current digression of barring female voters as a continuation of establishment politics and anti-people mindset that has bred out of fear in the society, he added.

"The imposition of a draconian and undemocratic ban barring women from taking part in the local body elections is reflective of a growing intolerance and rabid coercion against the less powerful, and in this case it was female voters, who according to this logic are viewed as not human-beings,” he said.–PR

AWP Chairman Fanoos Gujjar said that AWP had fought for the rights of the downtrodden and in this case would also not back down from their struggle to ensure women the equal right to vote.