A Basic Health Unit (BHU) set up for the people of 22 villages of Shakargarh tehsil has turned into a deserted place because of lack of doctors, medicines and other facilities.

A media group paid a surprise visit to Dhamthal BHU and found the worse condition there. They noticed that BHU was running without electricity. On enquiring, they were informed that the electric transformer of the BHU was stolen four years ago but no FIR was registered against culprits.

As basic facilities like drinking water are missing in the BHU, no staff lives in the official accommodation. The BHU is without even the basic syrups and life saving drugs. As summer has set in, no medicines for diarrhoea is available in it.

Without any testing facility, even injections are not available. Due to lack of access and facilities, very few patients visit the BHU. The BHU Dhamthal has been running without any qualified doctor due to alleged slackness of the District Health Department.

The department has failed to appoint or depute any qualified doctor in the BHU to provide better health facilities of thousands of people living in 22 surrounding villages.

Reportedly due to the prolonged non-availability of any doctor at the BHU, the sweepers, watchman and dispenser have been performing duties of MBBS doctor by prescribing medicines to the visiting patients.

The BHU building is situated a kilometer away in fields. There is no paved passage to approach the BHU.

The residents of the areas appealed to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif take the notice of the situation and order to provide facilities to the BHU to make it fully functional and ensure early appointment of qualified doctor in the BHU in the larger interest of the locals.