As per security assessment report released by Pakistan Institute for Conflicts and Security Studies (PICSS), there has been a worrisome rise in militant activities in the last few months. Last month saw 33 per cent increase in terrorist activities. As Operation Zarb-e-Azb has deprived the Taliban of a safe haven, now the general public is facing the wrath of terrorists. Former DG ISPR was on spot to comment that army can kill terrorists, but it can’t eradicate terrorism. After the Dec. 16 APS incident, government agreed to implement National Action Plan (NAP), can anyone tell us where does the government stand on this? Isn’t it shameful that after five months even a list of the banned outfits has not been published? This shows the seriousness of those who run this country. Be ready to be the next target, every member of general public is on Taliban hit list!


Saudi Arab, June 2.