NOORPUR THAL - Poor parents of two disabled children have appealed to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to provide them with financial support for the family for their treatment.

The kids have been suffering from a mysterious disease since their birth. Two children of labourer Hameedullah Pahor, a resident of Mohallah Pahoranwala, have been suffering a mysterious disease since their birth. Hameedullah and his wife said that their two children 8 year old Muhammad Faizan and 6 year old Mehik Fatima could neither walk nor properly talk.

They said that they had sold allthere belongings to save their children. But their condition is turning from bad to worse with every passing day, they added.

“We struggled hard for their treatment but could not succeed because of poverty. As a result, these disabled children are lying in house,” they said. The poor parents of two children have appealed to the chief minister to help them provide treatment for their children.