A rift has developed between the PML-N and Jamaat-e-Islami over the issue of holding public meeting at Quad i Azam Ground on June 5 (tomorrow). The JI and PMLN had planned to hold public meetings on June 5 to be addressed by Sirajul Haq and Hamza Shahbaz. The dispute arose when the district administration allotted the ground to PML-N for June 5 public meeting. The JI was asked to postpone their meeting to June 6. The JI candidate for NA 108 by election Riaz Farooq Sahi got annoyed over the district administration for not allowing him to hold meeting as per schedule in the ground.

Later, the JI leaders and workers went to the ground and installed party billboards and displayed banners and placards with those of the PML-N in the ground.

Talking to the media, Riaz Farooq said that he had submitted an application to DCO on June 25 for permission to hold meeting on June 5 in the ground but the DCO in order to oblige the PML-N candidate asked him to hold meeting in the ground on June 6. He said this is tantamount to pre poll rigging. He vowed to hold public meeting for the address of JI Chief Sirajul Haq on June 5 in the same ground side by side with PML-N meeting which would be addressed by Hamza Shahbaz. The district administration is unable to settle the issue.