a difference of opinion

A:     So everybody’s favourite Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to Israel. This guy sure knows how to gain popularity with Muslims around the world. First Gujrat, then UP and now this.

S:     He may not know how to gain popularity with Muslims specifically, but he definitely knows how to gain popularity. He’ll be the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel, and by supporting it when the chips are down - and by that I mean that relations with the US and Europe are not what they used to be – he will gain immeasurable assistance, not to mention oodles of high tech weapons and machinery. Let’s throw in the added benefit of becoming acquainted with the Jewish lobby and all in all, it would be a very successful visit.

A:     Either that, or he associates himself with a regime that has been to a certain extent ostracised by the global community due to its barbarity, and in doing so, condones its actions. If Modi and Nethanyahu become best of buddies, people will find it easy to believe that Modi wilfully let hundreds of Muslims be killed in Gujarat, after all, isn’t that what Netanyahu does after every couple of years.

S:     Either way, I think it comes down to your personal views on Israel; if you support it, Modi is a hero; a good Samaritan, if you don’t; he is a villain. Anyway it’s a bilateral issue, why should we debate it?

A:     Because India objects to our bilateral cooperation with China, but that is just a minor cause. Don’t you see what pictures of Modi and Nethanyahu together will do to the Pakistani masses, who already view Israel as the evilest of states? Won’t it make easier for fundamentals to spread propaganda, wont it make it harder for India to achieve peace? If he wanted peace he should have keep his association with Israel covert.

S:     Well, I guess he doesn’t want peace.