LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that abundant supply of quality essential items, fruits and vegetables should be maintained and concerned institutions should ensure that the benefits of Ramazan Package should reach the masses in the real sense.

He said that provision of quality daily use items to the citizens is the responsibility of concerned institutions and no laxity would be tolerated in this regard.

Issuing instructions to Provincial Cabinet Committee on Price Control and provincial administration on Wednesday, the chief minister said that the interest of the people would be safeguarded and he would not allow anyone to exploit the masses in the form of profiteering. He said that he would personally monitor the measures adopted with regard to Ramazan Package.

The chief minister further directed that besides ensuring a high quality of daily use items, fruits and vegetables, their easy availability should also be ensured and regular visits to the markets be paid for this purpose. He said that district price control committees should maintain a watchful eye on the quality and prices of essential commodities.

He said that hoarders and profiteers cannot be allowed to create artificial price-hike. He directed that indiscriminate action should be taken against the elements involved in hoarding and profiteering. He said that problems of the common man cannot be realized while sitting in air-conditioned rooms therefore there is a need to come out in the field to provide relief to the common man.

The chief minister directed that implementation of the comprehensive mechanism evolved for stabilising prices of daily use items during Ramazan should be ensured at any cost.

The chief minister directed the Provincial Price Control Committee to complete necessary arrangements with regard to Ramazan Bazaars before the start of the holy month and all out measures should be adopted for facilitating the masses as provision of relief to the people is a collective religious and moral responsibility.