Despite the Fatwas clarifying that vaccinating children against polio does is not against Islamic teachings, Pakistan remains one of the last three polio-endemic countries of the world. It breaks my heart to reveal that our government has chosen to remain adamantly indifferent to this serious situation. Not only this, even when the polio teams are dispatched to various areas they are attacked and mortally wounded but nothing is being done to protect them.

Heart-wrenchingly, the government has enough finances to travel with an impressive protocol, build a billion dollar bus service in Lahore and Islamabad but cannot eradicate polio or protect the teams who do this thankless job for a few rupees.

Now I believe it is time the gauntlet is taken up by the media and they should accompany the polio teams and find out what is happening. There should be some investigative reporting on this issue and all channels should telecast this Fatwa thousand times a day. Big companies and multinationals can pitch in and do some good for this country and spread the message. Actors could do free commercials and advertise this.


Karachi, April 24.