Young age can be experience just once, but immaturity never leaves even we grown up. This can be true in the case of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan who has once again asked his party workers to prepare to descend on the prime minister’s private estate in Raiwind in a protest against the alleged siphoning of public funds by the Sharif family. Mr. Khan let the investigation commission headed by the Supreme Court chief justice probe allegations into the Panama leaks scandal as taking to the streets is not the right decision.

Mr. Khan haven’t you learnt any lesson from your past mistakes? You need to realise that Pakistan is already facing many crises on different fronts, therefore, peace and harmony is need of the hour and should be promoted at all levels to strengthen and consolidate Pakistan. Mr. Khan the people of Pakistan stand for progress, transparency and justice; not for politics of crisis and confrontation. If you have attained maturity; display it for us, if you please. It is hoped that you will review your confrontational policies, which are accelerating the country towards chaos, anarchy and social unrest.


Lahore, April 19.