In recent days governor KPK posed by signing an admission form of a kid at Peshawar by launching admission process in FATA. He stated that every child (school going age) will be admit in schools. Honorable governor thinks that he fulfilled his responsibility by given a statement and making a pose. 

We the public see, and read such type of poses and statements each year on such occasion. But no one ready to explain that how can every child may be bring to school in the existence of countless burning hurdles in tribal belt. 

To ensure quality education, a policy introduced and now prevailing in the country called rationalization. According to the said guiding principle, providing of one teacher and one room to maximum of forty students is pre-request. On the adopting of the said policy in KPK last years, thousands of PTC, CT, SET and SS teachers appointed in educational institutions. From one angle the induction of teachers in such huge number place positive effects in schools environment and from another approach cherished jobs gain by qualified younger’s, but FATA, fate still to awake in this regard. 

For your information, according to education department of Bajaur statistics 1, 33000 students learning in Agency schools. This load beard by 958 teachers throughout the Agency. This time Government Primary School Lagharai Mamund has 1303 students, who are on the shoulders of three teachers. GPS Inayat Qilla with 1212/three teachers and GPS Zagai Mamund with 1160 students/ three teachers laughing on the claims, statements and pose of governor KPK. On calculation in the light of rationalization policy Bajaur Agency education department deserving 2,210 teachers and 2,314 new rooms. If government just extends this policy to FATA, which is a fundamental right, our many issues will be end automatically. But I am sorry to say, that who will realize these realities to those politicians, elders etc, who till advocating for statuesque. 


Bajaur Agency, April 10.