In the age that we are living today, where children are even so intelligent and wise that they know really well which situation is going to end up in their benefit, I went through an incident where mature and grown-ups were so easily exploited out of a situation.

Last weekend a whole bunch of team consisting of more than 20 people put up their resignations while mentioning a situation as the reason behind. Their solo demand was reinstatement of their so-called leader who up to their perception (due to scarce knowledge of incident) was humiliated and disregarded of his years long sacrifices by the company head.

Right after putting up the resignations ‘a few’ came to realize that their respectful leader was in no mood to return back to his position. As the lobby was so strongly maintained and situation was taken as a source to fuel up the whole team, those ‘a few’ could not even ask that why are they putting up such demands then if they are groundless and will remain un-entertained. But it was too late to cry over spilt milk.

Instead of coming under influence of whole lot of idiots who were manipulated to take advantage out of the raised situation, the company executive accepted all the resignations with a welcome note. The welcome note served a huge shock for the over confident bunch who were dreaming the authorities to be dropped down on their knees. With due clarity of the incident, the authority made it clear that regardless of the acceptance of resignations straight away those employees who want to stay in their earlier designations could stay.

The whole incident took me in huge surprise. I kept thinking that a huge group of people was so easily fooled. All the sensibility and resistance was thrown so wisely out of the window. Only four to five influential speakers poisoned and stuffed all the rest minds with such intensity that they could hardly think of even their families and their only mean of earnings?

Would the influential speakers or dominating colleagues ever realize their moral responsibility that ruined a well performing team? Who exactly is to be held responsible for the situation where the majority was ill-advised by a few influential speakers?

Lobbying in the private sector where whole teams resign together is a common trend. There are certain reasons attached which I would call as pre-requisites of hiring such well collaborated and well-coordinated teams in fact. There is a common perception in such organizations that once the heads of department are going to move somewhere else, they will take along the whole bunch working and performing under their supervision.

So, fellow employees come under pressure if such moves are made as that immediately puts them into employment insecurity which is genuinely restless for any employee serving in any ABCD organization or company. Apart from insecure fellow employees, the collaborated employees of such teams cherish a full package of benefits. They have that peace of mind of their job security. They know really well that within a defined span of time they will be taken care of in a proper way and will be soon hired under same leader in another organization or company. They have that bond, and level of trust mutually shared which speaks out aloud without uttering of any words.


Rawalpindi, April 13.