islamabad - Islamabad police have arrested 528 criminals including 128 absconders and recovered valuables worth more than Rs.63.6 million from them, a police spokesman said on Sunday.

In compliance of the directions of the SSP, heads of all police stations reviewed performance of their subordinates, especially the Investigation Officers probing various cases. Owing renewed efforts during May, the police arrested 43 persons involved in 25 dacoity cases and recovered looted or snatched valuables worth Rs. 21,73,000 from them, the spokesman said.

He said the police officials completed investigation in 730 cases and submitted their challans in relevant courts. A total of 24 burglary cases were resolved besides arrest of 40 burglars and valuables worth over 25 million were recovered from them. In all, 27 vehicles worth Rs 21.6 million were recovered from 8 car lifters involved in 29 cases while 12 bike lifters involved in 11 cases were held besides recovery of motorbikes worth Rs.4, 95,000 from them. The police also arrested 13 persons for their alleged involvement in 27 cases of tempering vehicles and recovered 26 tempered vehicles worth Rs. 14.3 million from them. During special crackdown against absconders, the police arrested 63 proclaimed offenders and 65 court absconders. The nabbed proclaimed offenders were wanted by police in different cases of murder, attempt to murder, dacoity and snatching valuables. The police apprehended 87 persons for possessing illegal weapons and recovered 3 Kalashnikovs/Rifles, 84 pistols and 778 rounds from them. A total of 113 persons were held for having narcotics and liquor while 104 cases were registered against them besides recovery of 14077 gram hashish, 2829 gram heroin and 3190 wine/liquor bottles. The police said to ensure protection to the lives and property of the citizens, a total of 37 combing/search operations were conducted along with personnel of law enforcement agencies and 77 suspects were held. During the same period, two blind murder cases were resolved and three alleged killers were nabbed. A total of 84 other criminals were also held for their involvement in crime cases of various natures.

SSP (Operations) Najeeb-ur-Rehman Bugvi has said the police officers and jawans remained firm against the activities of mischievous elements and emerged successful during the ongoing year.

He urged the police officials to adopt decent and polite attitude as it helps in inculcating friendly police ecology and resolving most of the problems. He also directed for effective crackdown against drug peddlers so that society can get rid of drug menace, according to the police officials.