LAHORE - An exhibition titled “2nd Machine Learning Projects” featuring projects of International Technology University students on Artificial Intelligence opened at the Punjab Signal Processing and Information Decoding Research Laboratory on Sunday.

The exhibition opened after four-month training of MS and PhD students of ITU who presented their Machine Learning course projects, geared towards solving interesting and locally relevant problems.

The projects included a project on grocery stores who always find difficult to forecast sales and purchase of items. The project Walmart Data is aimed at predicting unit sales quantities of sales items across 54 grocery stores using the technique of rolling means and LSTM neural. This project will help managers in warehouse management, manpower estimation and effective sales promotions.

The project ‘Keystroke based Biometric Verification’ deals with continuously monitoring the identity of a user through biometric means without any extra hardware.

The project ‘Toxic Comment Classification’ can detect harsh, hateful, abusive, threatening, insulting, or any other inappropriate sentences from human-written texts as AI and Machine Learning enable the computers to detect toxic or inappropriate sentences from any written text in the English language.

ITU Vice Chancellor Dr Umar Saif on the occasion said machine learning and Artificial Intelligence laboratory of ITU will make Pakistan a knowledge economy under the guidance of a group of scientists by extending training to young engineers to get exemplary results from the industry through automation.