LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Monday acquitted a man convicted for stabbing a female law student three years ago. 

Justice Sardar Ahmad Naeem allowed the appeal moved by convict Shah Hussain, son of Advocate Tanvir Hashmi.

A judicial magistrate last year in July awarded Shah Hussain 23-year under different sections of Pakistan Penal Code. He sentenced seven-year imprisonment under Section324, five-year under section 337F(iv), two-year under section 337A(i), five-year under section 337A(ii) one-year under section 337F(i) and three-year under section 337F(ii).

A Sessions court last year in March lessened from seven-year to five-year sentence awarded earlier to the convict and set aside the other minor penalties.

Advocate Hassan Rizvi, the counsel of Khadija Siddique, said that they would challenge the decision of the high court before the Supreme Court.

On May 3, 2016, she went to Davis Road to pick up her sister from a school. When the two were about to get into the car, the convict attacked her. The victim said her younger sister was also injured. As the attacker tried to flee, she grabbed him and in his helmet fell off after which she recognized him. 

 Civil Lines police had registered a case against Shah Hussain on charges of attempted murder.

 She said the accused also used to harass her before the incident took place. Khadija’s sister also recorded her statement and recognised Shah Hussain as the assailant in the courtroom.

In its decision, the trial court had held that the convict had stabbed the victim mercilessly as severe injuries on her vital body parts clearly proved that the convict stabbed her without any limit to commit her to death.  Nothing was in the favor of the convict after cross -examination of eye-witnesses, the ruling said.

“The prosecution has established the case without any shadow of even a minor doubt, the judge had observed in the judgment.

Khadija Siddique and Shah Hussain both were the class fellow at a local law college.