Rawalpindi-Rejecting the plea of police for further remand, an anti-terrorism court sent a notorious gangster, who is said to be an Afghan national, to Adiala Jail on 14 days of judicial remand for his alleged involvement in plotting murders of his opponents, sources said on Monday. According to sources, a team of Civil Line police, headed by SHO Inspector Mian Imran, produced the accused Wali Jan before ATC No 2 Special Judge Suleman Baig and requested more remand for five days. However, the judge rejected the plea of police and remarked, “The accused was not present on crime scene and that police would have to recover weapon used in crime.

Therefore, no more remand would be granted”, the judge said. ATC No 2 Special Judge Suleman Baig sent the accused to Adiala Jail on 14 days of judicial remand and ordered police to present the challan of the case to the court. The police shifted the alleged criminal to Adiala Jail in tight security.

Wali Jan was arrested by Sadiqabad Police on charges of occupying property of a citizen illegally and later, Civil Line police had obtained his custody to grill him in a murder and terrorism case.

Meanwhile, the police reportedly have shaved off hair and beard of the criminal Wali Jan while changing his get-up which he used to influence the youth to make them his followers or fans, sources added.

However, a senior police officer rejected the impression that investigators had cut short hair and beard of Wali Jan, saying instead he himself pledged before the police for not committing crimes in future and requested a barber to trim his hair and beard.

A source in police department claimed that police had started special campaign to transform hardcore criminals into law-abiding citizens and Wali Jan was the first criminal in this regard. He said that the Rawalpindi Police wanted to tell the youth of the city that such criminals were not role models of youth.

The professional and educated teachers, engineers, doctors, civil servants and pilots should be our role models, he added. He added that the criminals like Wali Jan carry weapons and try to give impression to people that they are above the law. In fact, they are brutes who terrorize innocent citizens, he said.