Acting Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Liaqat Baloch has called upon the government to adopt emergent measures to save country’s agriculture and the farmers from ruin before it was too late.

Talking to a delegation of the JI Kisans at Mansoora, he said that agriculture and livestock were the backbone of the country’s economy but the wrong policies and unwise steps of the governments stood in the way of their development. He said that continuous rise in the cost of production had made agriculture non profitable.

The JI acting chief demanded that the cost of production should be reduced brought down in order to free the national economy from the clutches of the IMF and other outside forces. He suggested that the agriculturists, kisans and Haris be provided facilities at par with those being provided in India. He said that the steep rise in the dollar value had made pesticides beyond the reach of the kisans.

Liaqat Baloch said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had raised good points at OIC conference but had not forcefully highlighted the Kashmir issue and the Indian atrocities in Held Kashmir.

He said the Pakistani nation was fully at the back of the Kashmiris and the sacrifices of the Kashmiris would bear fruit soon.  He said that a unanimous national Kashmir policy and presentation of the Kashmir issue at diplomatic front were the need of the hour. He said that expecting result oriented talks with Modi leading to regional peace was living in a fools’ paradise.

Commenting on the death of new born children at the Sahiwal government hospital, the JI acting chief said that the Punjab Chief Minister had called for a report of the tragedy. However, he said, that not only the CM but even the Prime Minister had  called for a report of the Sahiwal killings at the hands of the CTD but the aggrieved family had not been provided justice. He said that revolutionary steps were needed to demolish the prevailing tyrannical system and the PTI was not competent for that.