LOS ANGELES-Jennifer Lopez thought she knew ‘’everything’’ when she was younger.

The ‘On The Floor’ hitmaker admits she thought she ‘’had it all figured out’’ when she was young but now she realisesthat didn’t come until her 30s. She said: ‘’When you’re young, you’re just so, like, you think you know everything. When my first album came out ... I just thought that I had it all figured out. You don’t realise until you’re in your 30s that you know nothing. Then in your 40s, you start kind of figuring it all out. And then when you’re 50, you’re just like, ‘I’m just me and it’s good.’ It’s great.’’

Meanwhile, Jennifer previously admitted she ‘’constantly’’ tries to ‘’evolve’’.

She said: ‘’I am constantly trying to evolve and to not get stuck. It happens to people - you look at them and think, ‘She got stuck or she let herself go.’There’s this terrible idea that you get to a certain age and just plummet downwards. I don’t believe that at all.

‘’You can always reinvent. You can always make a change.