ISLAMABAD-As the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr approaches, men beauty salons and barber shops in the twin cities are seeing brisk business as a large number of men customers are visiting them ahead of the Eid celebrations.

Men’s hair salons witnessed a large turnout of residents, reaching 70 to 80 percent, before Eid-ul-Fitr, and hairstylists’ prices rose up during the last 3 days of Ramazan, especially the night before Eid.

According to beauty salons owners, not only women but men also started visiting them to groom themselves.

Various male beauty salons have mushroomed in the twin cities, offering all sorts of beauty treatments and special packages including Ramazan deals, said a resident.

A barber said, “A lot of men come for grooming during this period. Though our shops remain crowded during Eid days, there are many young people who come every week during Ramazan for grooming. While some want henna applied on hair, most people get shaving and facial massage done.”

Eid night is the golden night for barbers where they operate for 24 hours, said a salon worker. Quantity over quality is motto for most salons and spas during the Eid festivities, said a 29 years worker Faisal Ikram. A male customer said that all barber shops and hair salons were busy ahead of Eid celebrations.

Meanwhile, a manager at a men salon said that they would close shop in the morning. “We will be busy till Fajr on chand raat,” he said, adding that most of their customers were young men who wanted haircuts, hair streaking, facials and even a shave.

A young customer at a barber shops said that the beauty and style was usually associated with the girls but nowadays, men were a step ahead of the women in following the latest trends and fashion.

“Men have equal right to be groomed and times have changed. It’s no more just getting your haircut,” says Asif Noman, another customer while getting Eid services in a local men beauty salon.