ISLAMABAD   -    Pakistan’s pride mountaineers Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Mirza Ali Baig have sought government support to continue their aim of scaling world’s tallest mountains. Speaking at a press conference, Ali Sadpara, who has honour of scaling 7 more than 8000 meters peaks, said that climbing mountains is not an easy task and it takes life threat to scale down mountains. “When one reaches 8000 meters height without using oxygen, brains stop working. It could be very dangerous situation. I am thankful to Pakistan Army for supporting me to fulfill my dreams.” Sharing his views, Mirza Ali Baig, who has record of scaling 7 tallest peaks of 7 continents, said: “Tourism is a massive industry. Nepal’s entire economy revolves around tourism. But here youth involvement in mountaineering is very thin, while females are very few in this adventure sports.  It was my dream to take some female with me to scale down peaks. It is my ambition to engage youth and promote females.  Alpine Club of Pakistan secretary Qarar Haideri has requested the government to lend a helping hand to the mountaineers.