MULTAN   -    Seed cotton (phutti) equivalent to 10.777 million or 10,777,818 bales reached ginneries across Pakistan till June 1, 2019, says final report of Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) showing national cotton production for the year 2018-19.

Out of total arrivals, 10,777,351 bales underwent the ginning process, said the last fortnightly PCGA report of 2018-19, released to the media here Monday.

Arrivals in Punjab were recorded at over 6.628 million or 6,628,425 bales and over 4 million or 4,149,393 bales in Sindh. Exactly 117,852 bales of cotton were produced in Balochistan.

The total sold out bales were recorded at over 10.42 million or 10,424,892 bales including over 10 million or 10,317,152 bales bought by textile mills and another 107,740 bales purchased by exporters. Exactly 352,926 bales were still lying with the ginneries as unsold stock.

Sanghar district of Sindh continued to remain on top with cotton arrival figures of over 1.28 million or 1,289,369 bales while Rahimyar Khan district of Punjab secured second berth with arrival figure of 1.19 million or 1,193,531 bales and Bahawalnagar stood third with just over a million or precisely 1,009,021 bales.