LAHORE - Pakistan Airline Pilot’s Association (PAPLA) submitted the delegate report on behalf of Indian delegation at the 74th International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) conference 2019 in Berlin. Due to shutdown of jet airways in India, The Delhi delegation was not able to attend IFALPA annual conference. Trusting Pakistani counterparts amid all the tension between the two countries, It awarded proxy vote to Pakistan. Captain Chakar Ali Shah, IFALPA Director Pakistan and Capt Rehan Haqqi, delegate Pakistan received standing ovation by 100 countries representing all the continents. Capt Chakar Shah, who is working on uniting Asian countries to form Asian Pilots Cockpit Association, was specially appreciated by all member countries to bring Asian countries together on aviation related matters. President IFALPA Capt Jack Netskar appreciated PALPA for promoting and enhancing the role and status of professional pilots despite many challenges. He said “It is good to see that in a situation when the two states have been in conflict for so long, shooting down jet fighters, they are still able to collaborate and focus on the important things.” Moreover, Indian Alpa President, Captain Sam Thomas, in his letter to Palpa appreciated the hard work of Capt Chakar Shah and has promised that India will be a proposer state for Pakistan to support Palpa for regional Vice Presidency for the next term (2020-22).

Palpa delegation also met delegates of Airbus and ATR who promised to provide assistance to Pakistan aviation industry.

IFALPA is the global voice of pilots. An international not-for-profit organization, IFALPA represents over 100,000 pilots in nearly 100 countries. The mission of the Federation is to promote the highest level of aviation safety worldwide and to be the global advocate of the piloting profession; providing representation, services, and support to both members and the aviation industry.