ISLAMABAD (PR) Arif Alvi, the President of Pakistan, invited and met with 270 children from Khubaib Foundation. The dinner was attended by government officials, Nadeem Ahmad, the chairman of Khubaib Foundation, Creek Ma, the CEO of Tecno Mobile, along with Tecno personnel and other business leaders.

At the dinner the President spoke about his pleasure of seeing the children performing well and Khubaib Foundation’s commitment to providing a safe and nourishing environment for the orphans. He further acknowledged the work of the Tecno Mobile’s team and thanked them for their support to the children and their efforts in improving the quality of education in Pakistan. In addition to this, Arif Alvi called upon other businesses to take heed from this campaign and play their part in helping the orphans of the country.

The children from the orphanage were very excited about visiting the ‘Aiwan-e-Sadr’ and brought handmade greeting cards to show their delight. As an appreciation of their hard work and academic performance they were given gifts by the President.

The President also appreciated the ‘Tecno Blue Chalk’ campaign which is providing support and quality education to the children housed in the Khubaib Foundation orphanages.

Other officials in attendance spoke about the government aim of focusing on education and so were appreciative of the campaign and highlighted the need to harbor more cross border partnerships like this to help uplift the children from marginalized communities.

The anticipated dinner was quite a success and the Tecno team was very humbled by the President of Pakistan’s warm welcome. Tecno Mobile reiterated their pledge to provide quality education to the orphans so that the children have the same opportunities as everyone else.