Ever since the recent daylight murder of innocent citizens in Sahiwal and the publicly displayed arrogance of Rao Anwar, who is accused of being involved in the cold-blooded murder of many citizens, the credibility and confidence gap between citizens and state has widened. People, who previously believed the official version of events, now have doubts about veracity. There is a history of such events taking place after Quaid’s death. Starting with the dismissal of Nazimuddin’s government in 1953, followed by termination of First Constituent Assembly and Quaid’s handpicked choice, Tamizuddin in 1954 by the Governor-General, it is a tragic tale of abuse. This series of events culminated in the dismemberment of Pakistan and failure to publicly declare Hamoodur Rahman Commission

Report and punish those responsible.

This is indeed a very serious situation and the credibility gap needs to be restored by the State, by being seen to stand up for the rule of law. Various institutions and paid public office holders must strictly abide by the advice of Quaid in his address to Staff College Quetta on 14 June 1948. Former NADRA chief Tariq Malik disclosed over 4,000 properties in UAE owned by Pakistani citizens, which included names of numerous bureaucrats, politicians and traders. He was hounded by PML-N government and chose to resign. Tariq Malik was selected by the UN for a key slot. The irony is that when PTI was voted to power, Tariq returned back on a private visit, only to be harassed and put on ECL for months. This reflects upon the malice that afflicts this country, where men of integrity with specialised professional qualifications and experience are not welcomed to hold public offices.


Lahore, May 30.