As the coronavirus cases within Pakistan continue to mount, the public seems yet to realize the grave threat of the danger that we face. As standard operating procedures are being violated, another lockdown seems to be on the horizon. People have already begun to flock back into their daily routines, masquerading on the streets and violating all social distancing protocols. If these actions and behaviours remain the same, then we may very well regret the outcome, with another lockdown becoming increasingly inevitable.

Granted, a lockdown may essentially be the only way to curb the spread of the disease. Hospitals are reaching their maximum capacity as the healthcare facilities across the nation become increasingly compromised. Each day there is a substantial increase in reported cases, with around a large percentage of these arising due to a violation of social distancing protocols.

Curbing the virus is not solely the government’s responsibility. The people should abide by the law and follow instructions in the fight against COVID-19. Precautionary measures must be heeded because without proper cooperation by the masses, curtailing the spread of the disease is nearly impossible. The government and the people must work collectively if we are to move past the dire situation that we find ourselves in.