ISLAMABAD-This summer has been quite dull. With the pandemic looming over our heads, the spirit of the season is bound to dissipate some. In this time, a ray of silver lining is really all that you need to uplift the mood and get your vibe back on. There is no better way than music to make you feel more connected. “TeQuiero” by the newest sensation on the block, HaadiUppal that features AimaBaig has truly found its way into the hearts of millions of people. The grooving tune and romantic melody have struck a chord with everyone, as the emotions it creates are simply lovely. The journey of friendship and romance is beautifully captured in meaningful lyrics, have made it a top pick within no time. The best thing about this song is that it connects with the sentiments of the people. The video even exquisitely encapsulates the journey of two people who not only bond but also long to be with each other. The powerful vocals done by Haadi surely make the amount of talent evident that this new singer holds within himself. AimaBaig’smelodious voice further solidifies the foundation of the song to a whole new level. TeQuiero has unquestionably left people anticipating what more is in store for them to enjoy and relax to.

A complete package, this is the song of this season without a doubt!