PESHAWAR - The Pakistan Development Foundation (PDF) has an­nounced to support the under­privileged students with inter­net facility for online classes.

A notification issued by the PDF here on Wednesday said that those students who have access to gadgets will receive monetary aid for activating mo­bile packages while the rest will will use premises of the PDF to get this facility.

It added that if it is difficult for students to come to PDF’s offices and help desks, they will be facilitated by members of the foundation living near to them.

However, the students will take care of the pandemic’s (COVID-19) protocols. The facil­ity will be available in all those districts where the adopted stu­dents are present.

Prior to understand that PDF adopts students for higher ed­ucation by granting them mon­etary aids and scholarships under the banner of its pro­ject, Educate Pakistan. In this regard, the district and divi­sional heads have been direct­ed to make necessary arrange­ments.

Bilal Sethi, Chairman of the Foundation, said that they envi­sion an educated Pakistan and they are fully aware of the indis­pensability of education, hence, will keep their struggle on.

He further said that the solu­tion of problems is associated with educating the people. He urged the students to take se­rious interest in online classes in order to make Pakistan edu­cated.

PDF is actively working on hu­manitarian cause since the be­ginning of lockdown.