India claims to be a secular country where rights of every citizen are protected under the constitution. But that is statutory. Despite having organizations like National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and State Human Rights Commissions in India that were set up under the Human Rights Act, 1933, the condition of minorities is deplorable. The NHRC and SHRCs have failed to protect minorities. Cases of human rights violation against minority groups have increased in the last two years all across India. Recently, Indian Minister of Home Affairs, Shakeel Ahmad told Rajiya Sabha that according to NHRC data, 9,603 cases of human rights abuse against minorities were registered in 2006-2007 which increased to 12,794 in 2007-2008. In 2006-2007, while 8,390 cases pertained to Muslims, 851 related to Sikhs who themselves filed only 362. In the following year, the number of cases filed by Muslims stood at 11,178, of Sikhs 1,003 and Christians 613. After Mumbai attacks, there is an alarming rise in human rights violations against minorities, especially the Muslims. During the current fiscal year till February 20, 2009, a total of 10,568 cases have been filed. The Muslims top the list, followed by Sikhs who filed 877 while Christians filed 412. In addition to these cases 1,602 cases are pending since 2006-2007. -AFSHAIN AFZAL, via e-mail, March 1.