KARACHI - Terrorists' attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore on Tuesday morning created panic at the stock market as the KSE-100 index lost another 84.80 points when the investors off-loaded their stakes in haste. On Tuesday, the KSE-100 index started trading with a decline of 117 points. During inter-day trading, the index lost up to 180 points, but it recovered before closing and settled at 5596.49 points with net loss of 84.80 points. The terrorist targeted the guest cricketers at 8:30 am, an hour before the opening of the stock market. Seven persons, including five policemen, lost their lives in the terrorist attacks while six Sri Lankan cricketers sustained injuries. The volume of KSE-100 index further decreased to 75.73 million shares, which reflected a decline of 11.28 per cent when matched with 85.35 million shares trading on Monday. The market capitalization also declined to 2840.62 billion on Tuesday, from 2841.41 billion on Monday. In US dollars, the market capitalization ended at 36.89 billion against previous session's 37.24 billion dollars. The market capitalisation showed 0.03 per cent decline in rupees and 0.94 per cent decrease in the US dollars. A total of 252 companies were active at the KSE of which 68 gained, 171 lost value while the worth of the shares of 13 companies remained unchanged. The volume leaders were Zeal Pak 7.841 million shares, OGDC 4.633 million, Azgard Nine 4.086 million, NDLC-IFC 3.657 million, Fauji Fertilisers Bin Qasim 3.557 million Bank Alfalah 3.36 million shares while 2.94 million shares of National Bank changed hands at KSE. The terrorists attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers had added fuel to fire on Tuesday at the stock market and it deepened recession and panic selling, a broker said. During last four trading days, the stock market had suffered second major blow on Tuesday. The market sustained major shock when the PML(N) leaders Mian Nawaz Sharif and Mian Shahbaz Sharif were disqualified and the terrorist act against the guest cricketers proved another major setback for the equity market, he said. In the backdrop of these two recent jolts for the market, the investors and the day traders were now considering to give-up trading, he added. The volume of KSE-100 index has also sharply declined during the past four days. On Tuesday the volume fell to 75 million shares as against 161 million shares on Thursday and 85 million shares trading on Monday. Before these negative developments the stock market was gradually recovering and the equities were gaining support, value and stability, he said. No doubt the attack was the outcome of a security lapse, but it had further shattered the confidence of the investors and weakened the governance in the country, an analyst said. In the prevailing circumstances the investors and traders would hesitate to take medium to long-term positions and they would opt for profit-taking that would make the stock market more vulnerable and weak, he said. Among the major gainers were PTCL 82 paisas, Azgard Nine 93 paisas, Attock Refinery 2.81 rupees while MCB Bank gained 19 paisas. The important losers at KSE were BAFLR, DSIL, UBL, Jahangir Siddiqui Co, Arif Habib, Adamjee Insurance, Bank Alfalah, PSO, NETSOL, Lucky Cement, National Bank and OGDC.