Sharif brothers' reaction to the Supreme Court verdict is a reaffirmation of both their small mindedness and self-centred politics. True to this unfortunate political philosophy, they now want people to come out to protest. Some nerve A close examination of the crisis that we face (as always) reveals that they were created by individuals to fulfill their personal agenda or settle scores. This is exactly what is happening now. Why should I go out to protest when I have to feed a family? I am more enlightened now, thanks to media. I know our callous political culture now where ordinary citizen is manipulated and exploited to further goals of the corrupt and incompetent politicos. None of these leaders have been democratically elected by their parties. Yet they pose as champions of democracy. This is a personal battle of the Sharif brothers. They should fight it in courts. At the same time, the change in the province should come through assemblies. I do think, though, that the Governor's rule is a provocation and totally unnecessary. The innocent Raja Riaz of PPP spilled the beans about this action of the President in his recent statement. -KHURAM KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, February 27.