Once again the dispute between India and Pakistan over the crucial subject of water flow is assuming grave proportions. From our side, the matter has been left to a grade 20 officer about whose competence I have my doubts. The leadership is sleeping over the matter, as usual, or are posing to be goody-goody on the Pak-India issue. Our rivers have already run dry and if it continues as it is, the granary of Pakistan would be bereft of corn. My appeal to the government is, one, to call a spade a spade and, two, to proceed with the construction of indispensable and inevitable Kalabagh dam, no matter what hue and cry is raised in Sindh and NWFP. What has to be done to survive has to be done. Let us depute the task of talks with India to someone who can hold a purposeful dialogue. Lets stop paying lip-service, and mere visits to Delhi. If some action is not taken on our complaints, we should be ready to go to war with India even as we know that we are both nuclear. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, March 3.