The kundas in Nawaz Sharifs rally became instant international headline due to complicity of the PPP and its foot-soldiers in the private TV channels, anchorpersons and politically-motivated talk-show analysts. The LESCO took immediate notice to punish the culprits but media would not give any importance to the explanation as it was busy in concocting rubbish to smear the PML-N. They seem determined to tarnish Nawaz Sharif whatever way they can. These media analysts were unable to notice the Kundas that have been ubiquitous in all the PPP rallies in the last two years. The media also does not seem to care about the public money spent on PPP jalsas in the Governor House Lahore and the Presidency in Islamabad. I would request the Chief Justice of Pakistan to lose no time now in declaring that the Presidency and the Governor Houses cannot be used for holding party meetings of the ruling party. He is also requested to expedite recovery of every penny that has been looted in the last two years in various scams at the PSML, PIA, EOBI, Railways, WAPDA and other such institutions. -A. QUERASHY, Dubai, March 3.