I had the misfortune of watching on TV a limited over cricket match between England and Bangladesh on Tuesday, March 2. This match was a marred by extremely poor umpiring. The umpires made open blunders. At least three clear LBWs were denied to the Bangladeshi bowlers. TV replays vividly proved that bad decisions of umpires had gone against the Bangladeshi team. It did not look like just bad umpiring but extreme cruelty towards the Bangladesh side. It is often seen that when a cricketer misbehaves with an umpire or his opponents, on the field or off it, he is punished by being asked to forfeit some percentage of his match fee or he is banned for a certain number of matches. But the umpires who act like supporters of any of the two teams go scot-free. To err is human but to err repeatedly against one team is not human but inhuman. This is what the two umpires were doing in this match. Had the umpires not favoured the English team, the Bangladeshis would have easily won the match. -TEHZIBUL ISLAM, Karachi, March 3.